11 Best Android Video Editor App for Free to make movies on Mobile or Tablet

Best video editing apps for free to create eye-catching videos on your android phone or tablet.

How many times have we all seen boring videos of our friends making fool of themselves or our cousins singing holiday songs and it all made no sense at all – video recordings were too long, poor in quality and not entertaining at all. Video editing is something most computers cannot perform appropriately as it takes solid specifications and knowledge but it is even more difficult for mobile phones to make a decent video clip. However, interesting videos are mostly short and sweet and all you have to do is keep it simple – a little bit of editing and background music and you got yourself a possible viral clip.

The modern flagship Android phones equipped with the high-quality camera are capable of shooting some great HD videos. But to create stunning videos you need the right video editing software installed. Here is a list of the best android Video Editor app available to download for free. These video maker app will allow you to cut videos, trim clips, apply various effects, add a sound clip and much more options to produce magical memories right on the mobile devices. Start making movies on the go with the following best free android video editing apps.

Top 10 video editor app – Crème de la crème of video editing apps

1. VIDEOSHOW (free/ $3.99)

VideoShow video editing app is very good, easy to use and has excellent features. The app enables you to make the best of your clip with minimum operations required,creating outstanding videos. With this app, you can count on quick job as it is one of the fastest video creators, without pre-transcoding. Features: Mix photos and videos, zoom and rotate, use various themes and music or sound effects; square themes for Instagram users. You can also record your own voice or do the multi-music editing within the video. This app is genuinely great as it definitely looks pro and the video quality is very good. The free version of the app contains ads but you get rid of ads by downloading VideoShow Pro for $3.99


This one has everything you need – from handling music mixing to a bunch of special effects. PowerDirector is easy to use, fast and you can always edit and save for later editing. PowerDirector is one of the best apps as it offers mighty timeline video editing, free video effects, slow motion, and action movie effects. You can add effects with a quick tap and use FX editing with drag and drop controls for video, images and audio. It also gives you the photo-video editing possibility. Among its many features, there are also sound options such as voice over and custom soundtrack capabilities, while you are allowed to edit music volume and make the final say over audio.


Adobe Premiere Clip is the most appropriate solution if you need a quick, easy and mostly hands off way of putting together some of your video clips. It constantly saves your work so you are never afraid of losing any of your materials and it makes your hands free to play around. It’s a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared. Using this app, you can drag and drop clips and photos in the order that you like, trim out the parts you don’t want, and add visual polish with numerous effects. Adobe Premiere Clip has a Smart Volume which can make beautiful transition in audio levels between clips, while Auto Mix provides a nice balanceof soundtracks and audio.

4. VIDEO EDITOR (free)

This app is as simple as it gets and you are free to edit, merge or mix and you will not be afraid of losing the clarity. You can make a movie and edit all the features of it and do it properly and really fast. Video Editor enables you to add music to video or make your music video, trim clips, split videos into two clips or create slideshow. You can merge multiple videos into one file and add music or convert video to MP3 audio. The app is very useful if you want to make a YouTube video and upload it quickly.

5. KINEMASTER (free)

KineMaster is very helpful for editing and filming YouTube videos. It is an all-round editing tool with many features and a variety of video editing possibilities. It has multiple layers for video and images, and it allows handwriting in video clips. You are given speed control for video clips and also volume control from moment to moment within a clip, while numerous themes and animations make it even more interesting. KineMaster also offers transition effects such as 3D transitions, wipes and fades.


Quik is extremely nice video editing tool and surely among the best on the market. Its quality is very high and it offers a solid set of working tools but it also intervenes when necessary and doesn’t allow you to make some beginner mistakes. Quik is very intuitive and functions incredibly with your picture or video galleries – nice clips are within a few taps away with this app. You can pick one of its 25 video styles, each with carefully designed transitions and graphics. It is also possible to change the video’s orientation from cinema to square which makes it easier for Instagram sharing.It is simple, basic and easy to use.


Best Video Player Apps for Android Free

7. ANDROVID (Free)

[AndroVid Video Editor for android smartphone]

With AndroVid Video editor you can cut and delete parts of your videos you are not interested, apply transitions to apply effects such as fades between different shots, or create display frames. You can trim, merge, split, transcode, add music, text, video frames, apply effects, make slideshow and share your videos. Yoou can also convert your videos into mp3.

AndroVid is superb when it comes to combining videos and merging them in only a few minutes of time. Unlike most of the others, this app doesn’t have too many ads or watermarks. A simple video editing app that is very easy to understand. It offers video trimmer and reverse, with great merging possibilities – you can put together multiple video clips into one video and you can add music as well. You can use AndroVid app to turn your video into the animated GIF or convert it to other formats and change resolution to make your videos smaller.


Many users consider this app to be the best among video editing tools on mobiles. This app helps you create professional-looking video recordings with several simple moves. VivaVideo offers tons of features and effect and gives you a plenty of inspiration to play with it. It has intuitive editing options that enable you to merge recordings while speed management is the best there is!The app supports multiple capture modes and the selfie camera with beautifying effects. It also offers functions such as reverse and blurred background, voice enhancement and audio speed adjustment.


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